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Arsenic produces as we have seen burning foetid easily
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Whereas The Brainard Medical Society at its last quarterly meeting ap
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color like sherry a faint sweetish taste and the odor of
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what shrunk both in length and thickness. Further examination
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sphincter ordinarily contracted relaxes for a moment so that the bolus
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Anderson Stuart of Sydney tells me that this element has not as yet
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of the dreaded foreign body in the shape of ligatures or
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The gas is colorless has a penetrating pungent odor
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patient aged had prolapsus of uterus for many years and
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bers of the Institution were admitted to the Fellowship
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again declared that his feeling was such that the stone must
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the neglect or incompetency of any one government offi
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dency to produce tumescence in parenchymatous organs.
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obstinate cases the vaccine treatment is recommended.
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as to the kind of life which should be followed not
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of Death Obserration of Nurse in regard to Subject
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contrived to link them as closel together in his description
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generation were mistaken in their apprehensions of putridity
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mote mofussil. A young widow residing in a village in the Kistna
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ing total prohibition to day. Local option had been adopted
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Case of tumor of the spinal cord correctly diagnosticated
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body and cervix are both bent forward that in which
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breathing paralysis. If in the cervical portion difficult breathing
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