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A very interesting form of the disease and one which has

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juries of spinal cord in childbirth. George D. Cutler

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cooled so that the paraffin sets without crystallizing.

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of the ovaries concluded his observations as follows

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ment of science of which they are the special representatives

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the cleansed anterior urethra will of necessity be as

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It is almost proverbially known to be bad to go to bed fasting.

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cutaneous surface a curative privilege in this affection. The

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his recovery perhaps the satisfaction of knowing that he

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children born alive early and intensive treatment gave

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later the left side of the body also participated in the involuntary

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The Metropolitan Association of Medical Officers of Health

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measurements show the enlargement to be more apparent than

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Dr. Brown objected to this maintaining that the meet

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two medicines. In succeeding fasts salines can be used

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Freud develops his later thoughts of the sexual origin of the hysterical

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lular openings in the peritoneum covering the diaphragm into

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The arteries were not narrowed which was contrary to

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whether it is not safer to keep the woman perfectly quiet

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medullary cavity and interspaces of the bones and give to their

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Dispensary and by practical work among babies in the

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stance of Rollet disks of muscle fibre.. syph llls

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When milk sours on the stomach of infants reared by

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