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of the Aconitine ointment. No plan of counter irritation of which
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the physician is called because the patient is suffering
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ritis. Discs swollen D. Some fresh hemorrhage at the outer side
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gence of an assistant to whom he intrusts the care of a
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under the caption of The Formation of an Artificial
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gence as to require a very powerful refractor. In firesbytia on the other
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the temperature and other conditions. A light grade of fuel oil is
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mation is diffuse and of varying grades of severity which may reach
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milk the most striking ones being of a giant colostrum cell
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Sir Michael Foster will deliver in San Francisco The Lane
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The College of Surgeons ought never to have granted a Dental Diploma
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the temporary relief procured by the operation dyspnoea will set in anew not
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second case we may well feel alarmed lest we have exceeded the proper
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structed that sunlight and fresh air may be freely admitted.
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for a new system of carrying medical and surgical supplies
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be felt in this region the injection must be made in
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it has been proved conclusively that diastatic enzymes are normally
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AMEDEO SORRENTINO MARR. ZZI Lecturer in Pharmacology.
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study has been more particularly directed to the treatment in pub
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of his achylia and continue in vigorous health. Our results concern
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into subheads corresponding with the Kraepelin classification in gen
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dry bronchitis or other diseases within the thorax.
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number of visiting physicians. As the first step in
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of cholera. Dr. Edward Foumie an able physiologist and laryngosco
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