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but little perspiration is lost. The amount excreted also de

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power of necrotic tissue in general to take up and hold iodin. The

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state repeatedly but without results. That the water was polluted was

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termed Renal sand of which the particles are fine and pulverized

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I report the case simply on account of the unusual difficulties en

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The theological faculty consists of a director vice

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pel their secretions with little or no effort and with

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serve as a basis for better understanding of the nature of disease

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chest showed a marked inflammation of the right apex

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The varieties of organisms which the cutaneous and mucous surfaces con

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and it must have a technique which will compare fa

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time of operation I found the anterior chamber re es

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parenchyma of the liver is displaced by the parasites and when these

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under the complaint. In many I have looked at no other part but

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Payne formed the determination of endowing the medi

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chemistry and clinical research. This commencement which

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Austrian and Hungarian geographical societies since

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vesicles are regularly arranged on the hyperaemic skin at first filled with a

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S rmptonis. These are like those of cholelithiasis but the pain is not

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although not fearful of an encounter with the strongest con

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A similar experiment can be made by injecting a bouillon culture

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acute yellow atrophy there is no overgrowth of the connective

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where animals had naturally succumbed. This animal also had

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with out of the living body has caused some naturalists to be

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pital for Nervous and Mental Diseases and to St. Mary s


and not by the salivary mucus and epithelium. The glasses previously


The new Society will do most of its work among the poor

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numbness formication etc. temporary paralysis anaesthesia

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disturb an orthodox conscience. When the tale of the crim

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the cases. The author regards this operation at the

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all the other cases in this that after the rational and

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ketses characterized by acidity of eructations. The regurgitated liquid is

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ing of the hair are the same as those which occur in

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sion set up in the heart by the contraction. This tension was measured

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usual value on fractures and other surgical subjects

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secLuring the head and fore legs with a rope. Should all

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mixed with tlie copious masses coughed up after the removal of the plug.

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Condition on Admission The right thigh incompletely anehy

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harmful mischief be apprehended as persons dangerous

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In public health practice patients are provided for

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Thus it is demonstrated that both incidence and mortality are

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