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year. That was a literal fact. The Medical and Chirurgical

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properly with its important bearings would have caused

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to purchase some of the suspected milk both were attacked soon after

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neighboring inflammations as spinal caries or menin

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the dose contains ten centigrams of the protiodide

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On the Mechanical Appliances necessary for the Treatment of

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Physician to the East London Children s Hospital Au

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Surgery in diabetic patients. Surgical operations in diabetics are

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keeping the saw moderately tense the needle was turned

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astringents directed in the treatment of that disease.

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epithelium as some state. Many of the glands have on

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down the pulse at the mandible became gradually more perceptible.

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a like reason. On the other band in there occurred in a single

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posture he could throw himself on his bed and sleep in

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stance that normally is present in most persons. New

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with wound rotors are necessary but such cases are really quite rare

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Aug. nd with acute pain in the abdomen and vomiting.

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by a change of environment after having been given up.

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the sooner and the more severely is the liver affected.

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occurred within short periods of time in the North Hos

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account of the neuropathic condition of his patients and

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melanotic nodular tumours in the liver. In the first case the melanotic

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gologic services were conducted as a unit from the administrative standpoint

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cause discomfort. One of the celebrated German sur

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tingling or formication. Numbness may be absent and then the patient

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of personal experience. We find nothing that it seems

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which managed to age many of us well beyond our years.

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the curative treatment of alcoholism while tending on the whole to

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early degeneration of some part of the membrane surrounding

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Philadelphia a little more than one hundred years ago by Drs. Morgan

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Porro s operation or a combination of the operations

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in the medical schools of this country and of Great Britain although it

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cross section illustrations with the tube in sitti have

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The Report of tlie Council presented to the members of the Asso

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in which hour by hour the breathing is more interrupt

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gular process of connective tissue stretched across

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out to you the cyclic recurrent stimulations which come from

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the first attempt depending upon individual conditions and

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Hospital is and the patients are sent here too by the

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simply wicked should occasionally be restrained in error than

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was opened and a soft gray clot was removed. The jugular

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and there a practitioner in advance of his times the