The cases once made out and put on proper diet all did well

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Synonyms. Classification. Much conftision as regards nomenclature and

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and laryngysmus stridulus in tetanus and strychnine poi

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during subsequent incubation extending over a period of

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infiltrated in the same way. An anaesthetic oedema is thus produced which in

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The reading was taken at the end of twenty four hours.

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in the Children s Hospital and then I Pasteurized the

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nervous symptoms were frequently observed which gradually sub

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lished fact because all objects which stand boiling

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has been induced by his large circle of friends and

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April th she suffered from a flooding and supposed herself to

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ber. Besides large doses of sulphonal I administered

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peristalsis of the bowels with opium and rendering the contents of

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deformity is accomplished by frequently repeated or

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dictory address to the graduating class was given by

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brief summary of the different views which have been held from

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I have in several cases seen the disease advance rapidly in

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patients operated on in the first twelve hours recovered the mortal

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necessary. Intrauterine applications of astringents or of

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and lends support to the clinical evidence that lesions of

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the air is such that we shall all feel when we take

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ally lost its functions. A still further step in the

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the progress and the wonder and the glory thereof I am not

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were undoubtedly made long back in the last century by

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with or without the use of depletion. The dose given to an.

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which was scanty contained blood and occasional cystin

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time of decided interest is raised in the Natio ial Fro

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erable degree of ansemia. These cases are frequent. The

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ant imperfection in tbe peristaltic wave may lead to the paraly

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proportion of the work must be allotted to military cripples.

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tumor and the peristaltic wave may be observed through the

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as much upon their moral as upon their mental qualifications.

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The most important functional symptom is derangement of

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not look for a constantl pleasing literary style. The most

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frontal convolution crural type superior region of the ascending convolu

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to the whole kingdom. The benevolent supporters in the

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the advocates of this theory would not have proved a hereditary