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weeks ago. At that time she was menstruating suffering intense

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Lecture Halls a Chymical Laboratory with a full ap

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lysis and terminates in a chronic stage with atrophy. The onset is quite

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diseases and sometimes when there are growths or lesions in the neighbour

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Dr. EllRKPATRIOK spoke of the benefit following l t a to

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after careful dissection two ends of the intestine were

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senses and voluntary motion gradually make their appearance

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formerly although this was not the fault of the medical officers

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with catarrhal or interstitial salpingitis Cue. Boldt

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Diagnosis. This is made as a rule without difficulty. It differs from

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manently valueless for milk production. The inflamma

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according to the individual case the treatment to be

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of mixture consisting of eight ounces of water four grains of

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meeting of the Society will be held at the Medical Library

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does not probably differ much from the secretion of fat and people are

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little book is deserving of the widest possible knowledge

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stomach most frequently. The ptosed stomach was not

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many invaluable suggestions and Dr. Dorothy Milne Henry

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duced not by the microorganisms per se but by their toxins

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day an urgent message was received to come at once her

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results in the disappearance of a great part of the

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morphia and atropia.wlien administered sulicutancously

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sentences from a private letter written by Michael Foster who Is recognized in

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are all removed in one piece without traversing the

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ber of the Wochenschrift has two articles on these sub

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cattle raiser of fine stock has. The importation of cattle from

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I shall now proceed to something of nature s operation in

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circulation are compelled to pass. That a marked susceptibility

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ing in its peritoneal covering. This rupture must correspond

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ought to prescribe the air bath that is to order the wounded

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pared in a surgical way. All cases should be placed un

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matter was with him at that time. When I questioned

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either beginning or end of the cancer problem. Those who gravely

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dered as the forerunner of the other. The following few brief

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arc most serviceable in peritonitis due to extension of the inflammation