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based on a definite knowledge of what he seeks to attain. He should
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Such is the polyvalent serum of Leclainche and Vallee. Pre
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Emergency Surgery. For the General Practitioner. By
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sterilization of the liquid media is not indicated in the rec
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dence upon which to make a diagnosis of rupture of the
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Surgical Treatment of Prolapse of the Uterus and Blad
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to the Committee on Legislation and has approved the
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has thrown a bomb into the camp of the German electro therapeutists in
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no prolonged diabetes could be produced and control
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The best time to give the treatment is late in the afternoon for
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central supports. The chapel is also sumptuously adorned
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in the act of defecation and the remaining portion is pressed back by
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clavicular space outward. Sometimes fibers of the deltoid get caught below
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medicine man had done a great wrong to the medical profession
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fects of alkalies as increasing and acids decreasing
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