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of such would lend support to the view that an organic affection was
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but got very tired in the feet. Her abdomen was very
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extent dependent on the rapidity of multiplication of organism. Bes
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In proportion as Dental Surgery has acquired a scientific and
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casts or photograjihs are solicited. Specimens of Instru
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The entire time of her treatment by me was five weeks
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remaining about this point until thte last record which was January d.
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sways. Skin thick tongue protrudes. Hands and feet much
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the intentional or accidental burial in the fissure.
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Chinese doctor trained in Japan did not impress us very favorably.
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not nullified by postoperative complications. There were
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deeply as possible into the middle ear before reversing the position to allow
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the Burgeon though as the affection is so insidious in its
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secondary nodules may be found in the liver or spleen. Invasion of the
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also occasionally observed at the lower dosage ranges. In a few
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night.air or the diminution of folar or lunar gravitation as in
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or severe pain in the ears foetid breath frequent pulse and great
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fact that two cases closely resembling each other clinically rnay
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membrane on the surface of peritoneum the striking peculiarity is the
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great departments of biological science with problems and aims worthy of
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has dissipated the family fortune suffered social disgrace and
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such means as has the Osteopath to produce effects upon nerve action.
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if an operation proves to have been unnecessary it is
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a solo. The devil did so and performed so admirably that
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a perfect serotherapy of diphtheria. The toxin anti
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flammatory process is more pronounced and may be followed by abscess
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Bridges Dr. an account of the Casualty Department .
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claw s until they finally succumb after to days with s Tnp
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dition of things seems to be this. In the first place there
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and is followed by shortn ga of breathy anaemia loss of
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dered aconite root is equal to grain of commercial aconitine
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Dr. Daly of Roedsburg was present at the meeting as a visitor.
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two etiological conditions either the irritations are of abnormal charac
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and chemical analyses a sanitary survey of the watershed and finally
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by Jaeger and Germano were not the specific cause of epi
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the prevalence of these diseases in which one of the physi
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Leukaemia and Splenic Pseudoleukaemia. By Everett J.
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tendency to promise a syphilitic that one injection of sal
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application to the nerve centres of various species of animals will
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nigh impossible wholly to prevent contamination during
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astringent qualities and has been used in leucorrhma.
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epidemic of measles in an institution for poor children in which
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last up had said tliat regulations respecting quarantine were
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