the drain. Continuing the suture which was described in the original

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of diseases and the operation and influence of medicinal agents.

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heating to C. nor did it take place if the heart was not

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two excretory ducts from the gland. These uniting form one spiral

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like formations almost exclusively in the direction of the longitudi

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The dispersion of the children of the Tooting school on account of

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but under no other circumstances can we look for such

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the case one of myotonia atrophica. The left sterno

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recently reported by Winiwarter and Lewitski and Brodowski

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er of the others. I refer to things ingested which are elim

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the administration of small doses of thyroid extract in two

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lesion of a solitary tubercle is rare and is secondary in a

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available to the general practitioner in caring for skin cancer in

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of about J years may be assumed to represent the middle of

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We have found that knowing the exact bacteriology of

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observed in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as well as new

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important meeting for upon its outcome will doubtless

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show themselves. Superficial sores on the tongue or the mucous membrane of the

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fatty acids was very high and accordingly only a small

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was very important in the treatment of inebriates and

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an ulcerative lesion on the left check which he first

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these growths might certainly lead one at first sight to classify

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nerve. This specimen differs from the one illustrated in figure

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ago he had an attack of what his medical attendants

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coholic. At the end of this time he began to experience

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sufficient footing for a plate of teeth on the lower jaw. This

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most of our knowledge of the details of its organiza

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is to remain silent while the process slips beyond our con

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meeting will be held at the Medical Library Rooms on the first

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siderable stupor from which the baby can be roused with

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The village of Rathsweiler is built as are the major

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history by leading or direct questions was conscientiously avoided.