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trouble. For the last ten years the patient has been bothered
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passed his urine freely through the reconstructed canal.
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the dilated vessels showed evidences of recent hemor
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stood that veterinary surgery has not made great progress.
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A spastic paraplegia develops gradually as tbe leg muscles are
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proximal phalanx at slightly less than a right angle.
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used in incipient consumption and for sore mouth etc.
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of the indications of their use I find that were treated
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and of a projection growing from its upper surface. It was
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after receiving eleven applications the menses appeared
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The Treatment of Tuberculosis of the Peritoneum and the
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orders or of pellagrous insanity if it is desirable
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the serious results of which this condition is capable.
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dysenteric ulcer begin with infiltration and swelling of the submucosa
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iphery of the lung becomes involved the visceral layer of the pleura is
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presented because in each case the history is unique.
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the personal experiences and research of my friends
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to have disappeared together with a town in Chili Mendoza
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distinct immunity established and a complete recovery ensues
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surprising considering the miserable condition of many
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proval. He Mr. Hastings had ventured to express his own feeling
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Percussion with Reference to the Distinctive Characters of Pulmonary Signs I r.
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tory process the use of these agents may lead to the
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should be applied in cases where rupture is threat
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filled out. Address CALIFORNIA MEDICINE Sutter Street San Francisco California.
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could be given to patients who by virtue of their con