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ridiculous. The wonderful cases related by some old authors in

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doubtedly at first more or less general bronchial catarrh still

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Another case of interest reported was that of a Sarcoma of

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efforts were made to find the cause. Some years ago

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tious diseases in Aberdeen and the abuse of sending such cases

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during convalescence symptoms of suprarenal insufficiency began to

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and rapid diminution of the cells of the spinal fluid. In general or

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the glands by means of per cent alcohol. Its action is remarkably

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dition was bad. Their moral was low and they had acquired a

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malignant fevers from malaria which as we have before stated

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Disorders of general nutrition and of digestion by pain worry

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contained six carbon atoms or the same number as dextrose and he

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Under the influence of chloroform complete reduction and

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is the true hypophysis. A pars intermedia a portion of the true

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to all who are interested in the progress of obstetric medicine.

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the fluid forms rapidly. The fever is variable dyspnoea anxiety loss of

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respectively affect the cavities and musculature of the

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body but is rather uncommon. This is because the spinal ganglia

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enable the medical director to secure the necessary correction of

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scrofulous but no good arguments could be used against the

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Byphilis hydatids of the lung etc. In these different cases the presence of

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solutions coming in contact with blood glass distilled water has been used

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then had nausea for a short time subsequently had occa

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in its nature but thought that the cells were first attacked and the

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in the incipient stage of tuberculosis and six inches and three

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tion it is necessary to determine the activity of the renal function

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constructed to fill in the cleft in the superior maxilla

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and prevailing complications of each individual case. In the earlier

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probably exist in the cerebral nerves. If these views be

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Fallen trees should whenever possible be salted when green

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Wilson s letter of admonition and rebuke and the Minority

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of blood volume or on the degree of maximal arterial

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logical cases as above stated it may be a question of a

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Electrotherapy. Electricity in addition to its diagnostic value

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among syphilitic than non syphilitic. Of eight patients of a gouty

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