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fabricated although I think that produced by Mr. Calvert has

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by cinchonism or by a distinct abatement of the disease. Einging in

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as we would have liked. The State Experiment Station got

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avert death from concurrent causes as so often happens

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In addition to the cuts for the fiscal year starting

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eyes. They appear as pale grayish white later yellow sometimes

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tudinal sinus and of some of the.superior cerebral veins

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frequently do these conditions depend upon external

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ratus so that the oxygen absorption might also be determined. The

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Drs. Savage Risley and Stevens closed the sitting with

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The ocular endoscope devised by Thorpe on the principle of the cysto

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investigation held in Philadelphia a few days since

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and Scholarship Fund is established for which special sub

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agent in suitable cases does not make one a hydropa

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to those teaching agricultural students and not a guide to those

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bones from patients who had been afflicted with otosclerosis during life

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stUl advising the War Office. The name of Dr. Sutherland

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Minnesota Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota and Utah. In

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ners. It may have an undulating motion and that with fmaller or greater

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the fourth cervical to the second dorsal inclusive. The

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protection against persecution A prosecution under this Act against a

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downwards to a great depth in places where the wind cannot come

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to discuss interminably whether the causes of eczema were

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The Peter Tilton Scholarship yields in tuition fees.

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animals of which the human analogue has not yet been

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Causes. Smallpox is one of the most malignant of the

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splenic flexure anastomoses colica media sigmotdeA.

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