which means that the particles reflecting the light must be smaller than

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the whole city of Exeter with a population of is in

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The last session held at Detroit was devoted largely to

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men and a corresponding hollowness in the epigastric region.

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too complicated for adoption in the office of the average physician. In others

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of syphilis and the venereal diseases including k brief treat se on

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the nose by removing the anterior portion of the nasal

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would he be inclined to believe that the disease is seldom

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was to be done. Finally it was decided to open the abdo

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classes in whose system it is spontaneously generated the

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You may have a posterior flattening of the LUMBAR region which naturally

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The specific gravity is from. to. but it may for a time fall

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graphically registering the gastric peristalsis on the kymographion

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upon the hypertrophy and dilatation of the left auricle and

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observances such as walking to the Arc de Triomphe on one side of

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this exchequer for the public gaze is the chair in which

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seem to be does not remain in the hypnotic subject

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vancing pressure of a growing neoplasm or aneurismal

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county California has been elected health officer of

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thor s promises it does far more. It enters deeply into

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The tongue in the beginning may be clean but it soon assumes an

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region. In these experiments I have employed various

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the aid of the microscope because we are unable to see the units

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legitimate influence has been exerted upon the human economy

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the other organs. In many cases tuberculosis of the

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fauces and nares was unchanged except that both nares were now in

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on medical inspection in schools a subject which has

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tient even when we keep him at home. That climate is

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the wound nearly full with the same gauze for formula

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contrary having seen the woDderful degree of relief to most urgent

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M. Raymond in resuming the discussion of this interest

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rily a sluggish condition of abdominal circulation

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in restoring the organ to its normal condition it is in

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attacks of chorea. Again there is an affinity between such a case and