varies greatly in ditterent diseases. For our resent pur ose it may bo
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surgical treatment of a chronic gastric ulcer called
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gent and slightly acrid. The active principle of Poisofl
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peculiar eruption may in rare cases be seen in the larynx.
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with a rapidity and continuousness of which no other animal would
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is the rule but diarrhoea a not infrequent exception. Tympanites
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a coagulum in its distal orifice is afforded by a pa
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habitual use of tobacco. I wa.s called to see one such
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disease to daylight until they can be exposed to red light
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excessive sexual indulgence or the opposite extreme
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Naxcrede C. B. remarks on ligature of the primitive iliac
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j usual course of events tliat failure to recognize the
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districts is associated with disease but not necessarily total
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urethram or by microscopic examination of the tissues
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Madras records confirm the fact that epidemic cholera was unknown in
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consists of grammes of hydrochloric ether and of cerate.
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not found. He became progressively worse and without developing any
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It will be seen that the disease broke out with special intensity upon
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some vigorous and robust ancestor. It is quite evi
live and that myriads who are invalids could l gt ecome
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roughly proportional to the decrease in haemoglobin. Leav
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first dorsal and eighth cervical segments by the gliomatous process oculo
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thyol in the form of a lotion or an ointment was the
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are not mental although they may be cerebral. In our study
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brilliant results the same could not be said for the treatment with
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except with tlie aid of some tractile force. On Oct.
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Ladies and Gentlemen Members of the Association I thank you
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Besides the pathogenic trypauosoines there exists a great number
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it accessible by automobile all car lines and railroads. The School
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opposite effect is produced by whatever tends to their degradation.
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also possible that there is a greatly increased rate of flow through the
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mention it in his text book on Diseases of the Nose
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in the urine. Regarding the latter point it is definitely established that
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Just at present there is a doubt expressed by some I refer to
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The evidence in regard to the motility of the stom
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farther. May not the water in the pools in the dairy counties called
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depends on the fact that the solution of sodium hypobromite
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tions through which they can often assist the needy