taining the phosphate is mixed with a small Irop of sulphuric
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lesion into relation with the peculiar physiology of the pancreas. He was
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fitting splints. There are two main types of material that
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Dr. Lydston of Chicago likewise believed the trouble
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in their years it matters little where these are applied.
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and the tedious and often unsuccessful caustic and speculum
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distinction be made between atheroma and arteriosclerosis
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doctor s attainments I desire to briefly relate the fol
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Has twenty one medical faculties and schools. Royal Medical
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able to take very large doses of iodide of potassium with very little
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for constant wear and a suitable combination prescribed
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of adequate appropriations for it contributed to its phenomenal growth.
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the patient s movements. Vomiting is sometimes troublesome
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rubber after the manner of the winged catheters but the tendency of
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ring in a young negro who had been a resident of New
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Medical Sciences reviews the literature on this subject and says that
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disease of ihe respiratory organs. The same is no doubt
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murs may be heard systolic and diastolic. Over the posterior
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Dietitian will monitor changes if one of the above is not selected
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weeks evidence of blood stasis and thrombosis is forthcoming in the form
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lungs posteriorly and at the apex of the right lower
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The cases are Three cases of acute intussusception
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Literature clinical reports and price list on request
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curial preparations when they are administered so as to
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centimeters of a ten per cent solution of strontium chloride
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The Doctor was born January at the old Pusey residence near
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ed it would now be unprofitable to inquire. In order that
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is unusual after middle life. Males are much oftener affected than
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mia but with negative blood cultures there was evident
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nerves generally reunite and the part which was deprived of sensation
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whether it has precisely the same diagnostic value as the growth
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He mentions no precautions which were taken to purify his permanganate
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the crural canal. I put in a couple of stitches and applied a
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most of the uncrossed fillers. The findings were in favor of this assumption.
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source of the chronic diseases of the adult are the psoric eruptions