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Dr. Howard Lilienthai. said that he had had three cases

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of the audience a brief account of venereal diseases

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has been bequeathed as a precious legacy by our forefathers

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tion. But in this theory there is absolutely no attempt to find a

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as a part of the method of preparing the infant s food except

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Entrance and Exit of the Virus Relative Danger of Bites

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ceeding baby but there still might be some stigmata of

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to toxic influences becomes very dark and does not promptly and

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process of gumming a row of threads to the skin on each side

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recent death of Sir Francis Galton who was the first to

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of damage and also the mental distress reasonably occa

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and Physiology reports a case of this kind in an individual thirty two

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ture a separation into dififerent groups on the basis

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and the eyul all either entirely destroyed or seriously

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of blood to the head have been present during life and yet the

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glands. Another case I noted where an operation had been performed

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ing symptomatic i. e. make the patient as comfortable as

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In connection with the subject of varicocele it may be mentioned

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than the turpentine alone. It is stated by Bellingham and others that tTi

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that we know of no cure for cancer. No drug has fre

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In this disease as in many others the therapeutic treatment

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First to moderate the action of the system if the fever

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two thicknesses of cheesecloth and serve hot with a little butter

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