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Of the pathology of chronic etherism not much is known. In the

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This assisted by Dr. James Maclagan I did fifteen hours

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lack of ambition I prescribe a preparation of the alkaloids

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Asylum Cleveland street W. The following are among those

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originating through diseased lymphoid tissue of. the

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Later when the fragments are few and the tube is car

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the fat of the blood. Recently however Bloor has succeeded in elab

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unloading of cargoes are said to have first prompted the negroes

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ileum so an lleocolostomy was performed. On examina

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uric acid pyrin bases and phosphate indicating the excess of

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affected in tabes. In view of this frequency a sug

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chemical constitution. I am glad to find that this view of the

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by the secretions as are aluminum and silver in the course

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The next meeting of the Veterinary Medical Association of New Jersey

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ernment and honored with the highest patronage does even now

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graceful outlines. This type is called Venetian in Europe but not

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Cicatricial stenosis of the colon is commonly duo to the cicatrisation of

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elastic ring to assist the firmness of the anus. The owner saw

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a whisky and soda at night taken after the evening observation. The

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logic conditions which obtain and the therapeutic agents

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previously existent healed. Dr. Fox remarked that such a case presented

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result of the legs being kept constantly in the same position

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ments found in light air liquids and solids so also do

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and ftrange qualities from the nature of the places through which

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wound closed after which the patient felt great desire to micturate as

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chemical makeup Suppose the patient possess an idiosyncrasy for

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of his Funiculus i which has been iufficiently proved a chimsera whereas

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ecjuttlly favorable predictiuns are warrantable when the disease is un

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supposed if the proper remedies are administered as it is a state

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neck that it is crossed by vessels at some points sur

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lervcr a great many other defe ls of this kind in his

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names of patients who are admitt cMl that births must be reported to

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the growtli of tlie intestine had brought these fifteen

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tating effect upon the mucous membranes. At a temperature of about

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more accurate statistical information. Persons born of gouty parents

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Medical Profession. That is the whole of the section and

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