Prof of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children.

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groups of the abductors succumb earlier than those of the adductors

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Bathe the parts twice a day with lukewarm water wipe dry

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tracted. He was so impressed w r ith the success of the gas

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This disease cannot be well mistaken for cerebro spinal menin

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tion of the red corpuscles the parenchymatous degeneration can

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expressed to me his great satisfaction at the cure which was thus

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very common and often a distressing symptom. It is associated with many

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settles upon one or two joints in the body and they

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diathesis communicates the same peculiarities inclining them to a

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As hemotoxin x production by the streptococcus must be considered

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and occasionally at the termination of acute diseases. In

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Francis J. Borges Instructor in INIedicine and Assistant Chief Divi

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scent of the cecum with total absence of the ascend

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may or may not blossom and bring forth fruit for the

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artery for a distance of an inch or more was soft and flattened.

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Gallipoli fighting and gives an eye witness s description in

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It oS ers aid to all sanitary authorities in the United

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nearly two months this would probably prove an isolated case.

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a greater depth than cm. for an average sized skull or

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Make all checks or money orders payable to the University of Maryland.

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gion nearly five inches and nearly two dianis of brain

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is opened the pus squirts out. If several fluctuating places form

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Pigeon. The subcutaneous and intramuscular inoculation of

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counterbalanced any tendency on the part of the drug

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with the lacrymal probe. He gives directions as to the

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thenia which ends in death there is in it nothing especially

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put the patient on five grains of quinine three times a

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the potatoes are allowed to cool in the sterilizer. While

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On December tli chloroform having been administered Mr

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of the liver. The hepatic tissue is not only visibly compressed

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case some of the mucus was collected in a sterile test tube and

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or operative of an abscess of the liver and the consequent entrance of

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of its central connection. The auditory symptoms often accompanying it are

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fection of the common bile duct with consequent jaun

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