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unfortunate blind and the still more unfortunate deaf mute
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maladies X sporozoaires la variole la vaccine la clave
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range in pneumonia but it is clear from the investigations
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perishing certainly for not less than six months. The depriva
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The tongue was dry fissures appearing on the second
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Summary. This compound caused a small rather prolonged fall
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prises in which the State is now involved either as a
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is a well marked increase in all the septic pyogenic
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trophic nerves which had been asserted by Samuel has not
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raptdly improved in aU respects afterwards and eventu y
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antral angle. Elevation over the antral wall of the
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the succeeding doses at the intervals already stated until the appear
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These reports show that preventive medicine is making progress
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these are the conditions of the system and of the internal organs.
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vagina after which all jjains completely ceased. Tlie
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every student shall have held the offices of Clinical Medical Clerk and
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I have found but one reference to the subject in our
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mal existence. These forces can be kept in their greatest vigor by
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diagnosis of the presence or absence of tuberculosis
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clusion at some point of the partially obstructed passages
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nate enough to see the cases published by Drs. Larkin
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this drug is a remedy of great power in causing certain
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perhaps we may at the present time not even have reached
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many. We illustrate four actual cases because they represent the
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Posteriorly. Left side dull completely so at base at apex
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fallen to he continued his medicine during the next night
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Philadelphia read this paper and stated that hemothorax
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cieties except Burlington took an active interest and did a great
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patient was in a miserable condition when placed in hos
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when she attempted to depress the tongue. He felt a sharp
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be brought together he closes it otherwise he brings
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everywhere softened and in some parts pale in others of a dusky
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the average number of bacteria in a microscopic field C.
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the same time with symptoms suggesting typhoid fever.
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ciation hence it was found most convenient to hold their
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nature of the Williams divided them into posi
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undoubtedly favors the appearance of erysipelas or what is more
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passed through the course of instruction at Netley and entered the
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distinct immunologic groups has been developed Neufeld and his asso
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avoided and the patient better fitted for his occu
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merely a matter of time and opportunity for a second attack