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bodily responses in these athletes were wholly analogous
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science that it tends to disgust the student and that it
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Pritchard Willis E. Ford William Noyes Landon Carter
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without subjective symptoms or indications of consti
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cornea by foreign bodies inverted lashes or any of the conjunctival or
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prevailed in the Philippine Islands among the United States troops and
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and cross questioned concerning them. As he improved
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monia. In the latter the hepatization throughout is of the
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of January these were removed the wounds healing by first in
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entrance of air according as it might be required through
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munication relating to three special cases was made a short time
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ing connective tissue enclosing the shrivelled remains
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sick into a division hospital where as Colonel Huide
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Analysis of the Blood. After a thorough study of all
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tributing cause. Nerve injuries had not favored hernia
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called Politzer s is practically the same. The patient is directed to swallow
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prevent the blood from returning to its watery and impoveriflied ftate and will
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quality which are objectionable from a hygienic point
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pus of the lesion and after a variable time produces
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matter will be fo nd adhering to the villi of the inner
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dans certaines affections gastriques movens d y reme
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son as superintendent. At this writing one week after the organiza
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that these tumors had an infectious origin They had
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a minute set up long strokes with slowing of respiration. At first
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sequent discovery of deposition of calcium salts in the
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The reputed antiphlogistic properties of mercurial inunction or of what
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by inducing atrophy. The surface is usually cool or cold but the heat
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also to produce a refreshing sensation in the parts treated.