Observations on pigs inoculated with hog cholera virus by Dr. H.
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hemorrhage is the reason assigned why the placenta should not be first
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the square. He and his neighbour Dr. Oldham used to walk
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diseases already mentioned among the complications may prop
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be observed between secondary and tertiary symptoms as regards the
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whatever can be attached to the State Veterinary Department
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mostly exhibited in laryngitis but occasionally an effusion
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plan of treatment I employ a reductionary course of treatment
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Secondary glaucoma which was a not infrequent consequence of concussion
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depends to a great degree upon the faculty of close
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tion. What is called active atrophy is due to the failure of the
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sid red as a factor in the jjroduction of eye diseases.
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decubitus. In duodenal ulceration the pain may be aggravated