discussion of the value of cold baths in the treatment of

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variations mechanically simple and easy to use in small dark rooms or tents.

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and his famous discussion with the late Bishop Wil

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interior of the room and permits the latter to be kept warm

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sand commits any thing to paper but his fees. There

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It is the opinion of many breeders that the offspring

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the new Licuntiateship of the Royal College of Physicians of London

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ing the first twelve or twenty four hours of its first

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relation to this subject be forwarded to the Minister of

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the human subject is an example. The most practical advice

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Ohio State Veterinary Medical Association Dr. Harry Moss

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mentioned internally and by moderately warm applications externally.

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Committee Doris G. Bartuska MD serving on the reference committee on hospitals

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departmental pay to which the men are entitled. They

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as a broad extension of the scalene muscles over the thoracic walls with

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laborers. It has been found that the subcutaneous in

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repetition. The cutaneous tuberculin test in man thus

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in the gallbladder and bile hours after the injection occurred

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We shall give a full account of the results in due time.

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with half a teacupful of milk is peptonised as above using the

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ing the stomach is indicated only when the hyperacidity

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ansesthesia. It appears progressively after several weeks or months at

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and then percussing over the left lung along the parasternal line from

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