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bouillon cultures of this bacterium. Healthy animals were injected

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who is often restless and troublesome at night till a paralytic shock or

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divert or repel the tegumentary inflammation from the line

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ovary shows a large cyst containing granular debris probably also

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One of the most important contributions to the very limited

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Pain burning in with a Fever Injlammation of the Inteflines

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foot hyperaesthesia to pressure upon the muscles of the right

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Marriages Deaths Deaths reported at Citv Registrar s

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posterior part of the mouth and thence into the pharynx.

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there is something in the mixture that will kill something in the

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The organ was firmly fixed an inflammatory process had in

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Candidates must be duly qualified and registered. Applications and

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plugs of fibrin filled the arteries leading to the infarcts. The auricles

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onset of the present illness had good health. Had not suffered

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