distinctly marked. There was a great deal of headache night and day.
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with both the natural and the artificially induced meno
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coine seated and the lungs are diseased they must be car
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spring and in Egypt the insalubrious circumstances attending the
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the iodide and arsenic may be tried. Rest and easily assimilable food
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flap the endothelial surface was quite smooth. A transverse section
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disturbance and we know that in many diseases of the brain the action
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r utterfat analysis. If the butterfat i under oercent urther worMrq t remove
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gested that children and teen agers who use aspirin for
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unless due to some obvious and easily removable cause and un
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and high colored and diarrhoea. Upon examination of the heart
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disease they remain well until they have been cooled down to sub
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showing evidences of acidosis or where there was a complicating
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progress of these symptoms has been so rapid that to
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treatment of diseases of the nervous system he would have of m
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springing from the posterior wall of the trachea and about
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portant fever which depends upon the same constitution with
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answer for exciting passions and producing unpleasant irrita
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The amount withdrawn varied according to the condition
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n hernd wie auf Fig. entwickelt sie geben nur schlechte bisweilen
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cast quite accurately tlie date of their coming illness. The duration of
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Fractures of the Spine. A very remarkal le case of successful
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vibrate with different velocity. He most judiciously thinks that
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both host and microbe. For the latter the most important need
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Formerly many cases of subacromial bursitis were classed as
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The committee really consists of six members Dr. Duncan
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Bennett Cancerous and Cancroid Growths p. and Holmes ante.
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frequently situated somewhat nearer to the basal than to
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line of the body and appeared to be everywhere complete. Right sided
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of various organs were found and especially a peculiar inflammatory
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rough work of a layman that it was nearly impossible to pass
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Exactly the same train of symptoms occurred in our patient during micturition.
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Before making an injection the skin should be carefully
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las and rheumatism. Pathological leucocytosis appears to
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pleurisy a frigore and see whether post mortem examination discloses
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noticed that a few did not mix all their cream together but brought
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is constructed which gives admission to the interior of the caisson.
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the disease is not usually due to the so called xerosis bacilli
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de I fequilibre du corps soulev sur la pointe des pieds.