surgeon general of the U. S. Marine Hospital Service
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pro incerto or in order to differentiate the musical pitch of the cough
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Gates Manley F. Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the
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or laminectomy failed to show any naked eye appearance of
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Indiana is a new comer and is apparently well conducted.
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Many attempts have been made to evolve apparatus that would
the fact of typhus fever being a contagious disease merely because
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irritability continued and there was not any improvement
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patient was at first very unwilling to submit to the treatment
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necessarily an intrinsic infection which so far as known
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sion is indicated in all cases in which the life of the
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individuals who are debilitated by excesses night watching and
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into sterile Petri dishes. In such experiments he found
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sulfuric acid and heated in a sealed tube with shaking for hours
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There is also a hemorrhagic form in which bleeding may occur
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sugar in the urine gradually diminish and finally disappear.
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ent but the surgeon thought a counter opening could be suc
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especially in the fat tissue there is definite formation
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would be most expected to show such characteristics.
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the chemists to whom the aluminised bread was submitted founded his
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taking a glass of milk a drink of cold water or soda
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be preferred and copious amounts of fluids taken when
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meconium or fetal feces was swarming with bacteria her large
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annual meeting of this Association in shall be eligible for
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for the first accurate description of the condition and its differentiation
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the eighteenth hour after its use in the abdomen and
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rived from carbonizing dried blood with carbonate id
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the lower extremities. Whatever else they have they nearly all have
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the detection of disease which was discussed by Mr.
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indicate operation. The degree of unconsciousness is
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very high and had remained quite constant during these
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equivocal symptoms merely by being allowed a liberal
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lowed by death unless Nature or the surgeon evacuate them. Even when
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coli and tubercle bacillus each produces forms of con
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of his accused sorceress so the male physiologist has his female
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the nodular venereal disease has not been proven to be the
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and cultures showed a growth of streptococci. This time twenty